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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Libeskind Villa, Anywhere in the world

...but it's not your standard prefab!
From the man who designed the Jewish Museum Berlin, The Denver Art Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum comes The Villa - the world's most expensive prefab. While prefab and luxury are not two words that typically go hand in hand, Libeskind has gone off the curve of the standard affordable housing model and designed an exuberantly luxurious house with the moderate price tag of £2million.

The Libeskind Villa is formed of three floors, at basement, ground and first floor levels. Developed according to the customer's preferences including materials and fittings, the Villa is fully customisable around the basic 515 sq m shell of wood with zinc cladding. Complete with jacuzzi and sauna, TV screens behind bathroom mirrors, a fireplace room, aluminium framed balcony, underfloor heating and optional extras of a swimming pool or garage, the four bed, four bath Villa is designed for the discerning occupant.

And according to the literature, if you invest your £2million savings fund into a Libeskind Villa you'll not only service your desire for extravagance, but you'll perform a service to the planet, as the Villa is designed as a model of sustainability. Constructed predominantly from renewable wood, secluded within a Zinc outer casing, the core offers the best possible thermal insulation which, combined with discreet solar panelling and rainwater harvesting make the Villa the green-thinkers home of choice.

Order now and, following a brief study and planning phase to analyse the plot, this exceptional Villa could be delivered to your land, anywhere in the world, in a matter of months, and constructed in just a few weeks.

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