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Monday, June 22, 2009

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre, Oxford, United Kingdom

Wilkinson joins Hadid in unique Cancer Centre design
The Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, which will serve the thousands of people affected by cancer across the region, has been granted planning permission.

The Centre has been designed by architect Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre Architects, bringing a unique and striking new building to the city of Oxford.

Liz Minton, Maggie's Oxford Centre Head said: "This is really exciting news. This is a great step forward for Maggie's Oxford and for the thousands of people in the region affected by cancer. The permanent centre will allow us to open our doors to many more people and expand upon the services we offer. The design by Wilkinson Eyre Architects is truly wonderful. It is now a case of continuing with our successful fundraising drive to reach the target of £3million. With such great backing from the local community, we are sure we can reach this target in the future."

Maggie's Centres greatly value the power of environment and design to lift the spirits and subsequently their Centres attract the world's leading architects, the most prominent example being Zaha Hadid who designed Maggie's Centre Glasgow.

Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre Architects has followed Maggie's brief to develop a stunning and practical design, which Maggie's are very excited to take forward.

Chris Wilkinson said: "We are thrilled that the Centre has now received planning permission. Our design encapsulates the philosophy and principles on which the Maggie's Centres are based - the tree house concept maximises the relationship between the internal space and the external landscape offering discreet spaces for relaxation, information and therapy, it will provide a sympathetic and caring retreat, in tune with its surroundings."

The project is expected to start on site early next year

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