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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

San Paolo Church, Foligno, Italy

Fuksas church opens in Foligno following devastating earthquake
A new Church based on plans by Architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas has opened in Foligno, Italy.

The project was won in 2001 after a national competition organized by the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana for the construction of new churches. The jury chose the design, "as a sign of innovation that meets the latest international research, becoming a symbol of rebirth for the city after the earthquake. "

Foligno suffered devastation during the 1997 earthquake with its original church, the Church of San Giacomo, severely damaged. The building, separate to the Fuksas Architects design, opened again to the public in 2000 following restoration works.

The new parish designed by Fuksas Architects, is a monolith of pure geometry. There are two main architectural elements identified with the functions of the religious center, the first element, the Church building, consists of two rectangles inserted into one another. The second element, also rectangular shape but long and low, is home to the Sacristy (a storage area for the churches treasures), the Pastoral Ministry of Local and Casa Canonica.

Enzo Cucchi, prepared for the outside of the church a sculpture, "Stele-Cross", in cement and white marble from Carrara. A tall totem 13.50 meter itself becomes architectural element. Mimmo Paladino created the 14 Stations of the Cross and Fuksas Design designed furniture and lighting.

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