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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saxo Bank, Tuborg, Denmark

3XN design for Danish banking HQ runs away with the grand prize
In the months before it was completed, the new headquarters for Danish Investment Bank - Saxo Bank - began attracting stares and attention from passersby in Tuborg Harbour, north of Copenhagen Denmark. Now it has attracted the attention of the renowned RIBA International Award, recognizing excellence conceived by its members from around the world.

With its shimmering façade of diagonal white aluminum and blue glass patterns, the building reflects the sea and sky just as it does Saxo Bank’s profile as a solid, dynamic and modern bank. Inside, a transparent and inspiring environment enhances the sense of team spirit amongst employees. The open plan layout of each floor surrounds a softly shaped, top-lit atrium; with a winding main staircase functioning as the building’s spine. The openness allows for interaction, sharing of knowledge and an environment of learning amongst this highly driven and international team of professionals.

Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal Architect of 3XN comments on the design saying: "The building is designed in such a way that it challenges the surroundings and yet contributes to a unified setting. The interior has been designed in close collaboration with Saxo Bank to create an environment of learning; encouraging interaction and sharing of knowledge.

"The RIBA International Award isn’t just any prize. There is a very thorough evaluation process from the committee’s side, and they have visited all of the projects. It is very important for us to create architecture with meaning, and not just a signature piece. I think this is why we have won."

The RIBA International Award recognizes excellence conceived by its members from around the world. The awards ceremony will be held in London on July 14th.

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