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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Business Center Miramare, Zagreb, Croatia

3LHD architects win a competition for a business center in Zagreb
At the crossing of two streets in Zagreb: Miramarska and Bednjanska, will sit a competition winning design by 3LDH architects. The building is situated at a colliding point of two urban city concepts, solid blocks to the north enclosed by the railway, and modernistic public and social builidings to the south.

The project, a business center is devised to unify the two elements which the design achieves through the creation of two interacting volumes. These two volumes, a tower with 20 floors and a lower building with 5 floors, unite the planned goals and achieve high quality relations with the neighboring buildings.

A semi-open atrium between the two buildings connects them with the surrounding public pedestrian surfaces. The underground floors are reserved for garage spaces, ground floor for shops, bars and restaurants. There are 20,000 sq m of office space, and a unique viewpoint at the top of the tower. A simple but attractive facade design is made by pulling glass modules in and out, giving the building recognition and uniqueness.
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