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Monday, June 01, 2009

L'Idiot Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

Fudy Chen restaurant complete in Taipei
BAM (Ballistic Architecture Machine) recently completed Fudy Chen’s latest restaurant project in Taipei, Taiwan. The 220 sq m of dining space in the financial district is intended to evoke Chen’s direct food philosophy “A carrot is a carrot”.

For BAM, High French Cuisine has become a fashion for food just as smooth, digitally driven forms have for architecture. Although entrancing and beautiful, these smooth forms almost remove themselves from the low realms of simple human emotion and basic mental connection. They are elevated to a realm which only few masters can execute on an enjoyable level. Their range of expression is vast, but also esoteric.

The design of L’Idiot Restaurant is an attempt to create the architectural equivalent of perfect peasant food. The directness with which the sculptural objects seem to represent and evoke parts of food runs the risk of actually becoming ugly. However, there is a lack of pretension; nothing is covered up. These objects, like the food, are laid bare to be enjoyed for exactly what they are.

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