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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Menlyn Maine, Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria development creates green living community
Menlyn Maine in Pretoria, South Africa, comprises 135,000m2 of land divided into the following uses: 140,000m2 of office space, 35,000m2 of retail and dining space, 85,000m2 residential and 15,000m2 luxury hotel space - all of which are overlooking 5,700m2 of scenic parklands that run through the centre of the entire precinct.

Recently highlighted as one of 16 worldwide projects to receive support from the Clinton Climate Initiative in the Climate Positive Development Program, the Menlyn Maine development endeavours to offer a `green precinct' that will create a responsible environment that not only focuses on energy efficiency but rather the reconciliation of the natural, social and economic environments according to sustainability principles.

The scheme aims to achieve this through responsible design and energy efficient systems such as: high efficiency lighting fixtures, lamps, ballasts, lighting controls, HVAC equipment, chillers, hot water service system - centralised geysers, building automation systems, variable speed drives, motors and elevators.

To reduce the carbon footprint of the development, locally produced or recycled products are to be utilised wherever possible. These include: materials containing recycled content such as cast in-situ concrete, pre-cast concrete systems, structural steel, self-adhering sheet waterproofing, hot fluid-applied roofing, gypsum board assemblies, acoustic panel ceilings, resilient floor tile and carpets.

Water cycling and recycling are being considered on a building-by-building and precinct wide basis. Water saving appliances (e.g. Low flush w/c's), Water efficient irrigation systems and Stormwater Harvesting are systems being implemented.

Building and infrastructure works commenced earlier this year.

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