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Sunday, June 14, 2009

UN Peace Park and UN Memorial Hall, Chungju, South Korea

Orb design to honour Ban Ki-Moon
The project of the UN Peace Park was initiated by the City of Chungju in honour of the current General Secretary of the United Nations Organization and native of Chungju, Ban Ki-Moon. The project will be the new cultural landmark for the city, spreading out along the banks of the river Namhangang and to the north of the Natural Park Tangeumdae. This cultural aspiration culminates in the design of the new UN Memorial Hall, creating a new landmark building for Chungju.

The UN Memorial Hall is an ellipsoidal building with a maximal diameter of 60m. It is made of 8 storeys and 1 basement floor. The heart of the building is the 1,500 seat auditorium and auxiliary conference spaces. The auditorium will offer a view to the outside direction of the Tangeumdae Natural Park. Spiraling upwards, the continuous ramp houses an exhibition explaining the history of the United Nations between 1945 and today, finally culminating in the Gallery of the General Secretaries. The human being, center of interest of the United Nations mission will be the protagonist and integral part of the architecture and appearance of the UN-Globe. The UN-Globe will be placed in an orchard of 192 apple trees representing the number of member states of the UN.

The focal point of this project is the city of Chungju, in miniature, in the heart of the site. This point has been defined as the epicenter of the concentric orbits which create a unifying surface for the different events of the park, like the Stone Collection (Suseok), the research center, and a number of other follies.

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